“It isn’t what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.” – Jane Austen

Thank you for taking a peek at my speaking topics. I enjoy encouraging others through my sessions. Email me at info@kimwilliamsbook.com if you would like more information on my speaking topics. I can adjust my sessions for the time frame, setting, and audience and may often be able to develop a session specifically for your group.

Topics for Women: As a wife, mother, author, and ministry leader, I offer topics about challenges we women can face in our emotional, spiritual, and everyday lives.

  • Emotions: Fact vs. Feeling. Emotions were designed by our Creator. We will take a look at emotions and insight offered from the Bible on how to handle them.
  • The Fruit of the Spirit: When a lady allows God to display Himself through her, she is beautiful.
  • Kindred: Explore the book of Proverbs to discover traits of a woman who reflects Christ.
  • Temptation: Is temptation a sin? Does God tempt us? We will explore answers to these and similar questions from the Bible.

Topics for Students: Teaching is in my genes. I get giddy in a learning environment. As a former high school and middle school Language Arts teacher, I enjoy speaking to students on the craft of writing.

Topics for Children’s Ministry: With twenty-five-plus years of ministry to children, I love to encourage and motivate both volunteers and staff on classroom strategies, administrative strategies, and the characteristics of preschoolers and children. Here are some sample titles from my numerous training sessions:

  • Great Expectations: Classroom Management
  • Do You See What I Hear?: learning styles
  • Forget Once Upon A Time: Teaching Bible truths to young children
  • Are You Following @Jesustheteacher?: teaching techniques from the life of Jesus
  • Surviving Sunday: internal preparation for ministering on Sunday
  • Christ-Centered Customer Service: presenting a welcoming program for families

Topics for Parents: Parenting demands on the job training. I enjoy helping parents learn how to build a spiritual heritage for their children even in the midst of busy parenting.

  • Building a Spiritual Heritage (can be taught as one session or up to four sessions)


  1. Do you charge a fee? I ask that travel and related fees beyond an hour’s location be covered and that I be able to sell my books. Anything above that is optional and not required. If I provide a guest musician and sales assistant at your request, I ask you recognize them with an honorarium.
  2. Do you come with all your materials prepared? Yes, unless the setting is very large, then I would ask the hosting organization to print handouts in advance.
  3. Do we need to provide anything for you? A sales assistant to work my Square do-dad and who can meet with me ahead of time would be great. I love podiums. And…water.

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.