Marjorie wants to be chosen and loved. Daniel wants to be loved before he is chosen.

Life dealt Marjorie Mullins a disadvantage. Entering adulthood in the only home she had ever known, Anderson Orphanage, she longs for a loving home and family of her own much like she imagined as a little girl. When the opportunity arises to learn about her past, Marjorie struggles over whether to replace her childhood imagery with truth. Though she is awarded a scholarship at the local beauty college, her hopes of opening a shop someday do not override her desire to belong to someone. A chance encounter with Daniel Buckler offers hope for her future, but not without a past. Is Marjorie willing to face both his past and her own for a relationship?
Daniel Buckler deserves better than he got. Willing to commit his life to another in marriage, he learned that familiarity can mimic love. A chance encounter with stranger, Marjorie Mullins, opens the door to another opportunity for love. However, the past comes to visit him and threatens the potential for a relationship with this woman who is unfamiliar with her own past. In order to move forward, they both must look back.