Letters to Layton – Volume 2

Life can be thwarted by misunderstanding.
Forced to leave home after making a devastating decision, Ben Williams longs to be forgiven and reunited with his wife and child. His efforts to provide and parent from a distance and his written pleas for forgiveness to his wife seem to go unheeded. Separated from those he loves, Ben finally relinquishes his longtime grudge against God and accepts His forgiveness. However, despite this new faith, Ben struggles with the courage to do what restoration with his family requires.

Katherine Williams is torn between the love she feels for her estranged husband and the reasoning that he does not deserve to be reunited with her and their child. The tension has slowly transformed her into a guarded, controlling, and unhappy woman who cannot forgive her own mistake. When she at last releases her harsh feelings, life threatens her hope of restoration and the well-being of those she loves and protects, forcing her to either maintain a tight control over her family or release them to God.