The first book in the Letters to Layton Series

Robbed more than once of what he desired from life, Ben Williams is disillusioned with his concept of fairness. The only person alive that matters to him is his son, but his work takes him from home, leaving someone else to parent the boy. The railman hides his resentment behind a facade of good-naturedness and an illusion of self-reliance. He has every intention of his mind outwitting his emotions.

Eighteen year old Katherine McGinn is unaware that she views herself as an emotional victim, despite her strong faith. Her longing for acceptance and a desire for more from her common life are both held prisoner by her practicality. The only world she knows exists inside a rural community where she shares a house with her siblings and where mundane work is a necessity for survival. She guards her emotions for fear of disappointment.

When their lives cross paths, Ben and Katherine attempt to help one another move beyond their inner conflict, but their bond is threatened by new circumstances that demand the need for forgiveness.